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New Mattress Construction - Custom and Standard
Istrouma Mattress Factory Services

At Istrouma Mattress Factory, we take care to provide our customers the highest quality service personalized for their unique needs. 
Our mattresses are made one at a time, by hand, not a machine.

You can choose from standard innerspring construction, cotton, high density polyurethane foams, memory foam, and natural latex. Prices vary with materials.

Although every mattress is unique, each one breaks down to two basic parts. The comfort system and the support system. In an innerspring mattress, the support system is based on the steel coils that form the core of the mattress. It is then covered with an insulating layer of composite cotton. From there, the comfort system, which is made of various foams and other materials,is added to the top and bottom.

In the same way, in a foam or latex mattress, the support system is made of a solid piece of your choice of foam. No steel springs are found in these mattresses. In the same fashion as the innerspring mattresses, the comfort system is then layered on top and bottom of the mattress.

Custom Sized Mattresses
Whether for an antique bed, camper, RV, or your own creation, we can make the mattress you need to fit the space you have. Custom mattresses are constructed with the same process as standard mattresses. We can also construct the perfect foundation to support your mattress!